Helen at Zendik - croppedHelen Zuman was born in London and raised in Brooklyn. After graduating from Harvard in 1999, she moved to Zendik Farm – a thirty-year-old cult disguised as a back-to-the-land artists’ commune. Living at and leaving Zendik showed her the power of stories – to trap and to free. She is seeking a publisher for Mating in Captivity, her memoir of her Zendik experience.


One thought on “Bio

  1. Hello, Helen!

    I remember you from my short time at Zendik. I was only there for about two months – I left after being told that the strep throat I’d had for weeks was due to me “holding in words I needed to say out loud.” “No,” I thought.. “I’m pretty sure it’s bacterial.” I made up an excuse about needing to leave to help a family member, was dropped off in Asheville, and hitchhiked my way back to Florida with my cat.

    I think of the place at least once a month, with mixed emotions, but hadn’t checked in on them in several years. I decided to, tonight, and now I’m sliding down an interesting rabbit hole of remembrance and relief. I wish I had thought to look just a month ago, so that I could have contributed to the kickstarter campaign. I’m looking forward to your book coming out, and would love to share my Zendik experience with you if it would help you out in anyway.

    Take care,

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