Excerpt from Mating in Captivity – Chapter 1: Interview

Update (11 August 2020): To access a text excerpt from Mating in Captivity, as well as assorted audio excerpts and a couple surprises from deep in my Zendik vault, please go here and enter your email address. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Excerpt from Mating in Captivity – Chapter 1: Interview

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  2. Good for you. Though you may have been wrong for 13 years in supporting a cult that provided lip service to opposing capitalism (while selling trinkets on the street to support their wants), ultimately, you realized that selling your book on the open marketplace most starkly rebuked the abandoned authority you previously awarded fealty. Welcome to the land of competition. As a self-described gift economist, when is your book commercializing burning man’s ‘gift economy’ coming out? Good luck in your writing career.

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