Team Human, Team Earth

Two days ago, on my way to Earthaven from the Asheville bus station, I told one of my Medicine Wheel comrades about my session with a soul coach, almost two months ago. My intention for that session was to clarify my purpose: How can I best serve the web of life? She said, she’s been hearing that refrain a lot lately – many around her seek their next mission, in light of what the web needs.

Yesterday morning, walking my daily five miles, I imagined myself, and my fellowbeings, as members of Team Human. And I imagined Team Human – our species in its entirety – as members of Team Earth. What can I, and only I, contribute? What role am I called to play? And what role awaits humanity as a whole, in context of the broader community we belong to?

How I answer these questions depends on how I define the project. In baseball, the project is scoring more runs than your opponent. In corporate hell, the project is converting the commons into shareholder cash. In the web of life – what is the project?

It could be staving off climate apocalypse. It could be saving the planet/our asses/our story of our culture as a workable, even beneficial, frame. But I don’t think so. I – like the authors of the Crimethinc book Days of War, Nights of Love, which I (re)read on the bus – believe that it’s just another heap of Puritan bullshit to urge sacrifice in the name of eventual salvation. I believe the project is gobbling joy. Reaching out in love, friendship, revelation. Becoming inordinately greedy for a gorgeous, gripping, wonder-stuffed everyday.

If that’s the project, then what’s my role? Saying yes to the route of relationship, perhaps. Sharing stories of what happens next.

As for humans’ role on Team Earth? The position that we alone can play? What I see in my mind’s eye, when I hold these questions, is a burst of vigor, color, fruit. I see Team Human as rain in a tropical forest, pouring down in great abundance, boisterously boosting growth. Thus far, we’ve mostly dulled and denied the symphonic genii of other species; maybe we’re meant to burnish them, trumpet them, instead.

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One thought on “Team Human, Team Earth

  1. A woman I knew a few years back, wrestling with this same question, as do many of us, came up with “live the way humans were meant to live.” Perhaps just devoting one’s self to that goal is the best one can do. Not from an isolationist perspective, but from the perspective of initiating cultural change.

    There is nothing new, dramatic or shiny about such thoughts. But they do have something of a proven track record. Humans are imitative critters, and it is possible to change culture.

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