Social Nutrition – Time for RDAs?

Last night I went to Green Drinks, at a bar a few doors down from our house. The experience was surreal. I was longing for – I have become so used to – conversations that matter to me, that pulse from the heart. And I was in a room full of strangers (plus one acquaintance), there to network, that is, push their projects and products. Continue reading


Ease of Meeting

I am thinking about villaging, as it relates to porosity and distance.

At Earthaven, I often found people I needed to talk to without making an effort – maybe we met in the Medicine Wheel kitchen, or the Council Hall, or passed each other on a path. Continue reading


Poop and Friendshit

Let’s talk about poop, and its potential for weaving relationship.

At Medicine Wheel (the collective house I lived in, during my two months at Earthaven), there are no flush toilets. Instead, there’s a bucket toilet inside the house, another one just outside the house, and a fifty-five-gallon drum toilet (I think the drum is that size – I never actually saw it) out in the garden. Continue reading


Where Will We Gather? And How?

Last night at my welcome-home party, a neighbor suggested creating a flag that could fly outside homes whose occupants embrace mutual aid. He said we each have our own set of skills; no one can do everything, no one needs to. To which I replied, maybe here’s a new movement: DIO – Do It Ourselves. Continue reading


Paths vs. Roads

About four miles from where I live, there’s a community farm where I sometimes volunteer. It’s a lovely place, run by beautiful people. When I leave the road and enter the preserve surrounding the farm, I feel the air change – it cools, gentles, swells with moisture and birdsong. If the farm were next door, I might visit every day. If I could reach it by walking path, I might go a couple times a week. Continue reading


Imagine there’s no signal…

…it’s easy if you try/no cell phones ringing/only the land line. Imagine all the people/ talking face to face….

Do Wi-Fi routers bring on headaches and insomnia? Do cell phones cause ear cancer? Maybe. You can find studies proving these technologies harmless, and studies proving they’re killing you while you sleep. But it seems to me that the physical-danger controversy (like the presidential election, like public fights over any issue touching sex) is a distraction. As usual, there’s a far more audacious heist in progress, right beneath our noses. Continue reading