Eric Herm Interview, Extended Version

My interview with Eric Herm, conducted in December 2012, appears in the 2015 edition of the Greenhorns’ New Farmer’s Almanac. Below I’ve posted the extended version.

* * *

When fourth-generation West Texas cotton farmer Eric Herm badmouths Monsanto, he knows what he’s talking about better than most. In 2005, he talked his dad into planting more than 1,000 of the family’s 6,000 acres in Monsanto’s Roundup Ready cotton seed. Then he did some research on Monsanto and its products – and took off running in the other direction. By 2009, he’d weaned all 6,000 of his family’s acres off chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Since then, he’s been working towards phasing out chemical herbicides, and has been experimenting with growing cotton according to organic standards. He’s become an advocate for farming practices that treat nature as a partner, not an adversary, and an opponent of strip-mining the soil for corporate profit. Herm, 39, is the author of two books: Son of a Farmer, Child of the Earth: A Path to Agriculture’s Higher Consciousness (Dreamriver Press, 2010) and Surviving Ourselves: The Evolution of Community, Education, and Agriculture in the 21st Century (Dreamriver, 2012). He blogs (blogged? may blog again?) at Continue reading